I certainly have a clear vision about the future of my artwork. My “In Motion” series is all not only about my personal passion for speed and endurance as a former athlete, but the challenges I continue to experience as an artist, educator, and family man. I always feel like I am “In Motion”. The funny thing is that I feel it is bitter sweet.

I am sharing a vision of the impact of high speed of everything around us. What is it that is happening? It is my belief that the blend of powerful business men and women and techies are the forefront of this incredibly high speed world. It is not just my vision and experience of exceptionally fast motion because everyone is actually immersed in it now.

Because of this everlasting sprint created by big business and technology I believe people’s lives are being displaced. I feel what many of us call home is being taken over by the supreme power of big business, technology, and commercialism, too. What is going to happen to Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco? 

Now, I continue to visualize high speed everything, cataclysm and neglect. I think about an enduring simple rock as a metaphor. I visually share devastated rocks because they metaphorically are a result of sudden destruction and neglect. 

Additionally, my rock sculptures are autobiographical and how I make sense of inanimate. I am the rock in the contemporary. Through life's challenges including family, health, finances, and high speed everything I need to be the stable and tolerant rock.

Today, I continue to read and hear about the challenges we experience and face from climate change, tons of coal ash spills, oil spills, toxic waste and radiation contamination, and explosions. I am questioning if these critical issues will be ever be addressed and resolved with this massive and extreme acceleration today?

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